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Interactive TCO Tool Campaign - Jungheinrich

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Jungheinrich Lift Trucks - Logo (Interactive TCO Tool Campaign)
Jungheinrich Lift Trucks - Total Cost of Ownership Tool (Interactive TCO Tool Ca
Jungheinrich Lift Trucks - Direct Mail "Thank You" Gift (Interactive TCO Tool Ca

How do you successfully prove your top-of-the-line, sticker shock product is hands down the most cost effective purchase in the industry? Adventive solves these challenges every day.


Jungheinrich, an established lift truck manufacturer in Europe, wanted to raise awareness among potential customers in the U.S. about its product line that, despite a higher initial purchase price, achieves significant cost reductions and increased productivity over the long-term. Also to assist sales personnel in demonstrating the benefits of their product.


Developed an interactive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool and microsite. The tool uses a variety of calculations to provide the user with a head-to-head comparison of lifetime operating costs for Jungheinrich and competitive lift trucks. The TCO tool was promoted using the microsite, banners, skyscrapers, e-newsletters, etc., that were posted on leading publication Web sites and key lift truck portals. Sales personnel were encouraged to use the tool in the selling process. Today, over 80% of the TCO tool users are dealers.


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